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Get Hard – Stay Hard

Restriction Bands trap blood inside your penis.
Your erection will stay hard as long as you want.


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Stay Erect™ Restriction Bands

In Use Since 1997

For over than 23 years, Stay Erect™ Restriction Bands have been used by hundreds of thousands of men world wide.

The Stay Erect™ Restriction Band is not a toy.   The Restriction Bands is a serious solution for very serious problems.*   

Restriction Bands are  very small, very soft, very comfortable, Pressure Sensitive Band that fits around the base of your penis. 

The restriction bands are smaller than the circumference of your penis. As you become aroused and arterial blood flows into your penis, the self adjusting (flexible) band will put gentle but firm pressure on your veins, blocking them so your blood can’t drain out.*

Erectile Dysfunction – The Restriction Band traps blood inside a man’s penis keeping it hard and preventing blood from leaking out.  Your penis will stay hard during and after sex until the Band is removed.*

Premature Ejaculation– It has the ability to delay ejaculation by transferring the extreme sensitivity of intercourse from the head of your penis to the shaft.
You can continue penetration even after ejaculation providing more satisfaction for your partner.*

Once you use a Restriction Band,  You’ll never have sex without it. 

Women Love the Band.
Women Love the Look and Feel of a Rock Hard Penis*


 How the Restriction Band Works

  • The Self-Adjusting Band puts gentle but firm pressure on the Veins of your penis, blood can’t drain out.*
  • Your penis becomes engorged with blood and much harder.*
  • The nerves become more and more sensitive, but not on the head. The head of your penis actually becomes de-sensitized.*
  • The engorgement of blood puts pressure on the sides of your penis, and the nerves on the shaft of your penis become much more sensitive.*
  • The extreme sensitivity that you normally have on the head of your penis is now transferred to the shaft.*


The Band Traps Blood Inside Your Penis
Keeping It Erect Even After You Ejaculate* 

The Performance Formula helps to put blood into a man’s penis… the Restriction Band traps it there. His penis will become engorged with blood making it hard and thick. His penis will swell and his veins will bulge adding additional thickness. The bulging veins will give his penis a dildo appearance, that will also increase her pleasure, helping to bring her to orgasm.*

  • Enjoy an extremely erotic sensation over your entire penis*
  • A thick, hard penis to increase her sensitivity*
  • Helps control ejaculation to last longer in bed*
  • Helps maintain an erection, even after orgasm*
  • Both You and Your Partner Enjoy Better Sex*

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

* Naturally, everyone is different and results will vary from person to person.

StaretrPackStay Erect™ Combo Pack*

For Severe Premature Ejaculation 

 There are many different causes of premature ejaculation that are both physical (extreme sensitivity) and mental (anxiety, hormone levels, etc.) making it a very difficult condition to remedy.  We recommend using a “Combination” of different products.

Stay Erect™ offers a Combination of unique and highly effective products, plus step-by-step techniques and exercises designed specifically to help men last longer in bed and satisfy their partner … no matter how severe their problem.*

Each individual product can be used alone, however, the best results are achieved when they are used together.

Last Longer in Bed … Satisfy Your Lover*


* DISCLAIMER FOR TESTIMONIALS, OPINIONS, AND TYPICAL RESULTS – Statements made on this website are a listing of opinions and should be judged as such. Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.

Source – A benefits comparison of 10 or more leading PE Pills, Products, and Books, informal trials, and continual feedback received from thousands of actual customers over an 18 year period.




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