Lasting Longer in Bed Without Pills

Last Longer in Bed, Without Pills

This is a common search on the Internet for Premature Ejaculation treatments and cures.

Stay Erect™ is the Industry Leader with our Desensitizing Gel for premature ejaculation which was formulated in 1994 and used by men all over the world and the Ingredients in our Original Ground Breaking Gel for Premature Ejaculation have become the first choice of treatment by Urologist all over the world.

  • Stay Erect™ Gel only sells for $22.95 USD and is also the most cost effective treatment to help Premature Ejaculation suffers which is no less than 1 in 4 men and many Urologists report 1 in 3 men.*
  • Stay Erect™ Ejaculation Control Gel is FDA Approved for Premature Ejaculation and comes with our No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.
  • Stay Erect™ Desensitizing Gel Control Gel, was originally developed for men with “Severe Premature Ejaculation”. This unique and powerful desensitizing gel calms the sensitivity on the head of your penis.*

But it does more than that! Stay Erect™ Desensitizing Gel allows men to break bad habits i.e. from too much masturbation, where the main goal many times is to try and ejaculate as quickly as possible, and it also allows men to get in the habit of developing self-confidence which is many times the root of the problem with premature ejaculation. Many men watch films from websites such as wishing they had the self esteem of some of the performers on there. What many of them do not realise is that these wishes could actually come true with the right treatment, and what they don’t realize is if they watch porn from professional sites the actors use products of the same effect, amateur sites like
the males will be MUCH less likely to be using performance enhancers, meaning it’s a little more “realistic”.

  • Stay Erect™ Desensitizing Gel Control Gel is the only Desensitizing Gel for premature ejaculation that contains both Benzocaine and Lidocaine which ensures that men will desensitize their penis and shaft, so they have control over when you want to ejaculate.
  • Stay Erect™ Gel for premature ejaculation uses the finest ingredients available.
  • Stay Erect™ was ahead of the curve for over 15 years and we continue test and improve our products.
  • Stay Erect™ Ejaculation Control Gel was originally developed by a team of physicians and scientists, Stay Erects Ejaculation Control Gel uses an absorption technology that allows the active ingredient to penetrate to the nerves below the penis’ skin’s surface so men will have complete control over his ejaculation.*
  • One bottle of Stay Erect™ Gel will typically last 40 encounters. That’s less than $0.59 per sexual encounter, this; almost 4 times less money than our nearest competitor.*
  • Stay Erect™ Gel won’t affect your lover when used as directed. There’s no odor or taste; she won’t know you’re using it!

You can start being the lover you want to be today.*

*Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.


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