Have Better Sex With Stay Erect™

Enjoy Better Sex With Stay Erect*

The  Stay Erect™ Restriction Band

Stay Erect™ Restriction Band is a very, very small, comfortable, self adjusting band that fits around your penis at its base. It is so small that it’s hardly noticeable. As your penis becomes erect, the self adjusting band will gently contract putting a mild yet firm pressure on the veins, blocking them, so blood can’t drain out.*

Use the Stay Erect™ Restriction Band and your penis will become engorged with blood making it hard and thick. Your penis will swell and your veins will bulge adding additional thickness. The bulging veins will give your penis a dildo appearance that will also increase her enjoyment.*

The nerves on the shaft of your penis will become more and more sensitive. You’ll feel a very pleasurable sensation over the entire length of your penis; it’s an extremely erotic feeling*


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* Naturally, everyone is different and results will vary from person to person.