Ejaculation Control Awards & Reviews: Mythical & Misleading

Ejaculation Control Awards & Reviews: Mythical & Misleading

Back in January, we challenged the validity of some ‘online review sites’ with an article titled Stay Erect and Reviews. In short, we felt that real-life user comments and reviews, backed with a full-satisfaction guarantee, were the only reliable assurance potential users should consider in deciding which product to use.

These days, we’re combating a new phenomenon – video reviews and awards. While they appear to be legitimate and sincere, we did a little digging and realized that the ‘awards’ were nothing more than a conjured up specialty website set-up to validate an award.

The video reviews are even more misleading. The Internet has become the wild west of services for hire and for a set fee, many entrepreneurial online ‘models’ will read your script and endorse your product. Video reviews do return very good search results, but as with fabricated review websites and manufactured award sites, one has to question the validity of this practice.

For almost two decades, Stay Erect has produced quality products that work for the majority of users. We have ALWAYS offered an ‘Unconditional, No Questions Asked Guarantee’. More importantly, we offer this guarantee on all of our products and more specifically, we do not require that you purchase a multi-month supply before you can access our guarantee. Our program is fairly simple – Stay Erect does what we claim or we give you back your money – that’s how confident we are in our product. We realize that ‘everyone is different and results may vary from person to person,’ we also realize that for some, Ejaculation Dysfunction (ED) and/or Premature Ejaculation (PE) may have underlying health issues and we always recommend you seek and consult with a qualified health professional to ensure your condition is not something more serious.

If you review the Stay Erect website, our testimonials page, or any claims we make throughout our website, you will always see the following statement: Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person. It may not be the best marketing practice to clearly state that our product may not work for you, but it is the most honest approach.

Stay Erect has served thousands of couples over the past two decades and we’ve done it by being straightforward, honest and providing our users with a complete program that combines nutritional supplements with proven products. We’re confident in our approach and thousands of users agree that Stay Erect Performance Formula Pills is a leader in ED treatments; so much so, that we back up any claim on our website with an ‘Unconditional, No Questions Asked Guarantee’. We don’t need deceptive testimonials and questionable awards to help you. We invite you to try our product and experience the difference; then we invite you to send us a note and share your experiences.


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