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Erectile Dysfunction | You are NOT ALONE

That’s the key finding in a study of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and available treatments. Since 1998, when ED became a household phrase with the advertising blitz of the popular blue pill, the number of men ‘diagnosed’ with ED has increased by a whopping 250%!

So the question of for today: “Is this an epidemic or have these ‘issues’ always presented themselves in aging men?”

Given our current society, with the on-the-go workplace where we’re always connected and in-turn, always ‘on’, it would appear that men today face greater stressors than in the past. Of course, in the good old days, men just didn’t talk about this problem as personal issues in the bedroom were often considered taboo subjects and life just continued.

It should also be noted that there has been in marked increase in stagnate workplace situations, which in turn, has led us to an overweight and out of shape society. Given our technologically inclined society, we do more at our desks and generally enjoy a far less active lifestyle. That’s not to say that weight and lifestyle are the only issues associated with ED, however, they are leading contributors. Combined with the added stress often associated with personal cash flow and you have a recipe for disaster when it comes to pleasing your partner in the bedroom.

So the reality is that most men will experience some form of ED in their life; the question is, should they rush off to their doctor and get a prescription for that magic blue pill?

Well, the short answer is yes and no. If you are experiencing consistent ED it could be a lack of circulation, which in turn, could be a sign of something more severe – say heart problems. Or it could just be that you are over weight, out of shape and over stressed. Only your doctor can properly diagnose your condition and if your condition persists, you should definitely seek medical advice.

Luckily, treating ED has come a long way since the conversation became mainstream. Aside from the numerous advertised pills, there are other medical options available for severe cases. There are also numerous natural or homeopathic options available.

One of our favorite ED treatments is an American made pill by StayErect, Performance Formula is a powerful, all-natural Sexual Performance Supplement which takes into account the entire sexual experience. From Creating and Maintaining the Hardest Erections to being able to Last as Long as you want. StayErect works on boosting male hormones including Testosterone, Progesterone, Serotonin, Estrogen, Andro, and others naturally and helps keep everything balanced so that you are able to get an erection and more importantly, maintain an erection whenever the time is right.*

There is no ‘quick’ cure, ED is a symptom of our society; you just have to deal with by watching your diet, trying to get in a work out once in a while, and taking the right supplements to help balance out those hormones. We’re confident that part of the cure is actually going back to and enjoying an active sex life – it’s good for you and your heart.

*Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.


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