American Manufactured Male Enhancement Supplements – Are They Really Better?

Are American Manufactured Male Enhancement Supplements really better and more importantly, are they safer than supplements manufactured overseas? To answer that question definitively, one would have to conduct a scientific evaluation of the ingredients used as well as measure the potency and the nutritional balance. There are five primary factors in establishing supplement quality:

  1. Identity and Potency: Does the product contain the ingredients and dosage strength listed on the label?
  2. Purity: Is the product free of specific contaminants it should not have?
  3. Bioavailability: Does the product dissolve adequately for use in the body?
  4. Consistency: Does each tablet or other unit of the product have the same identity, potency and purity?
  5. Good manufacturing practices (GMPs): Does the manufacturing facility follow high-quality standards for:
    1. NPA/NSF International: procedures for quality control/assurance, cleanliness, checking identity and potency of ingredients, and testing of final products for potency, purity and bioavailability?
    2. USP: safe, sanitary and well-controlled procedures?
    3. Manufactured in an FDA approved/inspected facility?

All Stay Erect products are proudly manufactured in the USA using only 100% herbal ingredients in an FDA approved laboratory in the US.

The FDA simply does not have the resources to inspect US plants and monitor foreign imports and rely mainly on the exporting countries drug regulatory bodies to in act and enforce strict manufacturing guidelines. That’s a lot like asking the fox to watch the hen house – we’re sure it will end well.

What can you do to ensure you are getting a quality supplement that will actually help you?

First, make sure you are buying quality – All Stay Erect products are proudly manufactured in the USA using only 100% herbal ingredients in an FDA approved laboratory in the US.

Second, review the ingredients and see if they were carefully selected and balanced for their particular effect on a man’s body – our ingredients were selected to work together to help boost sexual performance.*

Third, ensure that the manufacturer provides you with an: ‘Unconditional, No Questions Asked Guarantee’. We feel that we manufacture and sell the best male enhancement products available. We know that they have worked for men for almost two decades and have testimonials from satisfied men and women to back up our claims*. We manufacture in the US and stand behind our product 100% – how many suppliers have our history and can honestly make this claim?

Stay Erect manufactures and sells a series of products that are designed to work together to help you get a better, stronger erection and more importantly, maintain that erection longer for a more satisfying sexual experience. Try our Starter-Pack, it will help Supercharge your love life.*

*Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.


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